All workshops are delivered by our qualified exhibitors who are experts in their field. Please book your delegate tickets below and we'll be in touch to book you on to your preferred session(s).




Turn Facebook into a Money Making Machine - Adam Baetu of Online Marketing Now

Tuesday 17th September - 10:00-10:45

Online marketing Expert - Adam Baetu gives you all the tools you need to turn your business's Facebook prescense into a solid funnel of leads and sales!


Creating 'Customer Delight' with 3D Service - Andy Hanselman

Tuesday 17th September 11:00-11:45

In this world of higher customer expectations, winning businesses take a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach. They don’t just meet customer expectations - they exceed them and create ‘delighted’ customers! Andy Hanselman will share ‘real’ examples of how 3D Businesses do it and how you can too. The result is increased sales through increased customer loyalty, repeat business and recommendations.

SEO - the basics - Danny Rich of Dearne Valley Web Design & Matlock Web Design

Tuesday 17th September - 12:00-12:45

Search Engine Optimisation can be an absolute minefield of complexities in the ever changing world of Google. Book onto this session to learn more about the key elements of SEO that you can easily ensure your website has in place to begin bringing more traffic in.

Grow Your Business using The Cloud - Chris Wright/Steve Harper

Tuesday 17th September - 13:00-13:45

Physical servers are being a thing of the past as more and more business processes are moved into 'the cloud'. Book onto this session to learn more about key cloud based services such as Office 365, Sharepoint etc that could speed up the rate at which you grow your business as well as increase your working flexibility.

How to Target Your Content to Win New Leads - Rob Beadle

Tuesday 17th September - 14:00-14:45

Imagine if your website was a non-stop sales machine, What would that do for your business? Book on this workshop to learn how to get more customers to your website. And how to persuade them to buy from you. Reserve your space today because places are limited.

How to Use Video as Part of Your Marketing Strategy - Brett Riley-Tomlinson

Tuesday 17th September 15:00-15:45

Video is an ever increasing marketing vehicle. Where do you use it in your marketing strategy? Here's some guidance and practical tips by the experts!

The World in Your Hands – how mobile phones are changing business - Eric Hartley/David Spittlehouse of Simpatico

Wednesday 18th September - 10:00-10:45

Come to this interactive seminar and get your hands on the latest mobile phones. Get tips on how to make your business more efficient and profitable whilst on the move and find out how technology is revolutionising the way we do business.

The Maths of Marketing and the Science of Sales - Becky Hanson

Wednesday 18th September 11:00-11:45

A master class in optimising your marketing and sales ROI. Learn through real life scenarios and proven practical tips and tricks to deliver with confidence. Discover how to:
• Track and improve conversion rates from initial lead interaction to deal close
• Understand the power of segmentation and personas
• Adopt lead scoring and nurture so you engage with the right prospects at the right time
• Planning for sales and prospecting calls
• Qualify deals out, and get an up-front commitment
• Move your deals forward and win more
• Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and client retention

Grow Your Business by using online Accounting - Sean Stephens

Wednesday 18th September 12:00-12:45

Using cloud based accountancy software (such as Sage One, Xero, Quickbooks etc) can significantly speed up your accounting and managment information, helping you make better decisions and make more money! Learn how in this workshop.

How to Develop Your Brand Image - Andrew Clayton

Wednesday 18th September 13:00-13:45

Design and branding specialist Andrew Clayton talks you through making the most of your brand image.

What's Your People Plan? - Sarah Birkenshaw

Wednesday 18th September 14:00-14:45

There are 6 key steps to having a motivated, effective workforce that helps you to grow your business and achieve your goals and you will leave this workshop with some practical top tips on how you can get the best from your teams or if you are at the start of your business growth – get the right team first time!

We will cover:

Attraction - how to attract the best talent and what does your brand say about you?

Induction - how you get your new employees to be part of your culture quickly.

Competence - how to get the best performance for your team

Development – how you can retain your best assets

Advocacy - how to get your people raving about you

Exit - how to manage those that want or need to leave effectively’


How to Win More Business from LinkedIn - Judy Parsons

Wednesday 18th September - 15:00-15:45

With your ideal client online researching their options and looking for solutions to their problems, LinkedIn provides you with a great platform to get found, get noticed and get clients.

Research tells us that 60% of the buying decision has already made before you even know your target audience is looking. As a business owner, being on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to influence those buying decisions and generate inbound enquiries from your target audience without the need to sell.

To help you make the most of LinkedIn, this workshop covers some of the tricks I use to help my clients generate enquiries from LinkedIn, that you can implement straight away.

Discover how to use LinkedIn to be seen, chosen and then liked by having a great LinkedIn profile that shows you in your best and brightest professional light. Then how to leverage your existing network to help you find and connect to people who need you.