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17-18 SEPTEMBER 2019
9:30am -16:30pm
Burntwood Court Hotel, S72 9ET

5 Key Note Speakers, 12 Workshops, 7 Networking Events, 30+ Exhibitors, 1000 Delegates, Open Networking. (You can attend at any time(s) during the two days and come and go as you please.)


Why Come To This Event?

The SOUL Business Growth Convention is a unique business event designed to give every business owner/key person tangible ways to grow their business. For the price of attending any standard networking event you can have all of the following:

* hear from some inspirational business speakers

* attend different formats of networking events

* sit in on practical workshops by experts in their field of business growth

* source business growth suppliers who suit your business needs

* open network and gain new contacts

* have a professional introductory video produced for use on your website/social media!

You cannot fail to find ways and means to grow your business by attending this event. Delegate tickets currently on pre-sales discount! Act quickly as places on all workshops and networking events are limited!

(Note - you do not have to attend all day, you can attend at any time during the two days and choose any sessions which are suited to you. You can come and go as you please from the convention!).



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Michelle Mills-Porter

As a Professional Speaker, Michelle's subjects are: "The Magnificence of Humanity", "Core Values - The Key to Motivation," "The Secret Life of People," "Ultra Performance," "Collaboration" "Building Brilliant Business relationships."

When she's not speaking, Michelle is helping organisations to achieve significantly increased performance. This starts with your people, individually, then through enhanced teamwork, collaboration onto sky-high performance. Whether your organisation is going through change, disruption or growth, her programmes increase performance effectively.

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Niri Patel

Accomplished international speaker and trainer, entrepreneur, contributing author to New York Times Bestseller Masters of Success, Franchisor BNI India, Franchisee BNI Yorkshire UK

Philanthropist-Helping those unable to help themselves, making a difference and changing the way the world does business.

BNI Executive Director Yorkshire UK
BNI Co National Director India

Word of mouth marketing Expert
Referrals Expert
World class speaker & Master of Ceremonies

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Chris Fordy

Since building his co-owned Yorkshire software and consultancy business to £12 million turnover before selling it 17 years ago, Chris has successfully been helping hundreds of local business owners grow their businesses, make more profit, work less hours and build stronger teams.

His personal goal is to create and work with 100 millionaires and create 1000 jobs in Yorkshire. Chris is an international speaker and author and his entertaining and energetic style will engage and energise you to get more from your business and your life.

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Andy Hanselman

Andy Hanselman helps businesses create competitive advantage by ‘Thinking in 3D’! That means being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’!

He’s a speaker, he’s an author and he’s a business consultant. Andy has over 27 years researching, learning from, and working with successful fast growth businesses around the world and is a recognised expert on business competitiveness. This has helped him identify the key characteristics of 3D Businesses who get ahead, and stay ahead of their competitors

Andy brings these lessons to life by speaking at events, conferences, workshops and seminars all over the world! His style is participative, fast paced, humorous and relevant, and most of all, it’s practical ‘real stuff’ people can use back in their businesses.

Presentation Topic:

Make Your Marketing Work By Thinking in 3D!

Practical lessons on how winning businesses find, attract and keep the customers they want by standing out from the crowd and differentiating themselves in their chosen markets.

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Mark Jarvis

Mark works with businesses across the UK helping them to become more successful.

Mark says that his job is to share the secrets to success that he had to learn the hard way with that those he works with so that they go further, faster than they thought they could.

As a specialist in networking and relationship (referral) marketing, Mark is known for helping businesses generate £millions in new business by leveraging the power of their network, and building deep and strategic relationships.

Mark will be speaking about how buying decision making has evolved in the 21st century and how we can all use the untapped power contained within our network to move our businesses forward.

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Kevin Cooke

Kevin Cooke, Regional Director of The FD Centre will be delivering a large group workshop:


Find out how small 1% changes to the 7 'Magic Numbers' in your business can unlock 6 figure increases in cash flow and profit and 7 figure increases in your company's valuation!